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This C-VINE Business News section and the many others focus channels were created by the C-VINE News Network. Our community is tired of Fake News and not knowing in whom to trust.  So we as your neighbors have come together to take charge. Contact us if you would like to become part of this community.

ABOUT US:  The “Internet of Things” (IoT) sub-channel under C-VINE Business is an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it. It’s all about educating the public about a concept that not only has the potential to impact how we live but also how we work. Conversations about the IoT are (and have been for several years) taking place all over the world as we seek to understand how this will impact our lives. We are also trying to understand what the many opportunities and challenges are going to be as more and more devices start to join the IoT. For now the best thing that this multi-media channel can do is educate ourselves about what the IoT is and the potential impacts that can be seen on how we work and live. Each professional and technologist on this channel comes highly recommended from your community.

Other channels listed under C-VINE Business besides “Internet of Things” are, “Influencer Marketing“, “Millionaire Incubator“, “Franchise or Not” and many more to come… Be sure to visit these other channels under C-VINE Business by visiting our Directory on: C-VINES.

C-VINE is an acronym that stands for: Community-Voice * Internet News * Education. We are a trusted multi-media platform that is implemented on a variety of websites, cable television, YouTube and magazines/books, in order to give voice to the community, publish reliable news on specific topics and teach the public about one subject at a time.

The “COMMUNITY VOICE”, section of the C-VINE acronym has created a group page on Facebook that the public can join if they wish to interact directly with the teachers in this channel, view or listen to LIVE seminars, and have discussion with each other in the community. The Facebook Group having to do with Natural Health and all the sub-channels underneath it can be found HERE.  Be aware that these are closed groups and you must be accepted as a member of the group in order to interact.  We are keeping out trolls or trouble makers.

The “INTERNET NEWS” section of each channel will give pertinent and reliable information from respected sources about the subject matter being presented.

The “EDUCATION” section will be provided in a multitude of ways, but always given from proven credible sources.  Any articles chosen to be posted on this page that are written from the public, will be clearly labeled as such and will always honor the same spirit of trust, authenticity, and integrity.

We encourage interactions, feedback and suggestions. We hope these channels will bless you as much as it has us in the research and creation of it.


The C-VINE News Network Volunteers

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