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C-VINE Natural Health Group on Facebook is the “Community Voice” aspect of the C-VINE acronym.

This Facebook Group is connected to ALL of the teachers and readers, of ALL the C-VINE Natural Health Channels.  You are welcome to ask them questions during scheduled free daily seminars or interact with your many fellow readers and friends from the other channels. Natural Health Channels are:  1) Wholesome Pharma  2) Grow Your Own Food   3) Healthy Cooking  4) Fitness Festival.

NO ONE does any selling!  Not the teachers to you, or you to each other.  We are here to learn, have our questions answered and develop friendships.

Please Note:

  • We do encourage Integrative Medicine.  In other words… mainstream medicine working together with natural cures and treatments. Only individuals qualified to teach are allowed to present information anywhere on C-VINE. We were pleasantly surprised to find a large number of traditional Family Practice Physicians, M.D’s and D.O’s who practice varying degrees of Integrative Medicine and are here for you on this Network. 
  • Each of our teachers have their own business.  You are welcome to connect with them to find out if they do have products or services that interest you. In fact we provide websites and information to help you connect privately… BUT DO THIS OFF THE C-VINE NETWORK!
  • C-VINE Natural Health – Facebook Group is a private group page. We are careful who we allow in and ban individuals without mercy if they are trolls or trouble makers.

C-VINE Natural Health has up to the minute reports on new findings on how to prevent or cure DIS-EASE the way nature intended and of course traditional proven treatments. The very old saying, “Physician… heal thyself” is still very true today. Our planet was gifted to us with our own pharmacy and multiple tools for our use. Now we just need to learn how to use them and become re-educated about the cures that may be right in our backyard.

With Love,

The C-VINE Volunteers

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