Stress Eradication – Dissolving Subliminal Imagery

Technique to Eliminate Chronic Stress

This is a unique method for clearing any haunting, burdensome subliminal imagery similar to one that I had discussed in one of my radio talks on driving out the Inner Demons. This method was primarily introduced as a “stress eradication” technique.

The process is predicated on the fact that the visual aspect of our psyche is working on different levels simultaneously, that is, on a conscious level as well as on subconscious or subliminal levels. That this is fact is evidenced in various studies in perceptual psychology and depth psychology and also exploited by advertisers for private industry in the well-known controversy over the projecting of subliminal images to viewers of television, films, and advertising in magazines, newspapers and billboards, a phenomenon first uncovered in 1957.


This particular process of clearing subliminal imagery presented here frees people from any and all imagery that does not serve a person’s ability to feel intrinsically happy, safe, confident and free.

So here is how the 6-step process works.

1) In a kind of psycho-physiological inventory of your energy field, get a sense of exactly where in or around your body you feel any iota of unwellness, affliction, dis-ease, discomfort, malaise, stagnant or blocked energy.

2) Discover exactly how this feels. You may not even have words for the particular feeling that you are feeling in the particular region of the body (or around the body in one’s aura). In terms of recognizable sensations, it may feel hot, warm, cool, cold, tingling, electric, churning, agitated, pressuring, heavy, numb, dead, a sharp piercing sensation, a dull aching sensation, or whatever.

3) Now, as if in a waking dream, allow yourself to see, on a level of visual image or metaphor, whatever is causing this sensation. Give yourself complete permission to see whatever appears. It might be a fantastic figure or group of figures (like a strange monster with big claws or a bunch of demonic gremlins with pitchforks), or an image of someone you know (e.g., your father or mother or uncle or teacher), or something you recognize (like an animal, machine, device, thing, place or event—from an insect to a giant steamroller to a tornado to a prickly thorn bush). It would not be uncommon in this step of the process for someone to see, for instance, a more-or-less “ogre-like” version of one’s parent, with that figure perhaps afflicting one’s heart with flaming words, or else one might see a massive iron ball or steel crossbeam and feel as if it is weighing down upon one’s back. Any image among a wide range of possible images may show up at this step of the process. One need NOT censor or change any image that does, in fact, appear. Just notice it with complete clarity and honesty. It usually only takes 2-5 seconds to notice such imagery at this point.

4) In this next step of the process, we quickly allow a spirit of straightforward, vital assertiveness (neither timidly passive nor angrily aggressive) to animate our being, and in this assertiveness we let the haunting image be cleared, dissolved, or annihilated with a form of light. It can be any kind of light—a celestial beam of blue light, a purple laser light, a fiery torchlight, a sparkling wand of golden-yellow light, a shower of soft green light with pink luminous flowers, or an immense nuclear explosion of all-evaporating white light. Moreover, one can feel oneself as the Source or Wielder of the Light, or one can psychically sense an angel, spirit guide, God or Goddess utilizing the particular light(s) as wielding or enacting the light. In either case, we allow the light to quickly, even instantaneously, melt or obliterate the haunting, afflicting image of whatever was seen on the subliminal level to be causing the uncomfortable, dis-easing sensations identified in step 3.

At this step it is important to allow the form of Light to actually and completely dissolve and “disappear” any burdensome negative imagery. Some people might balk at using a form of light to destroy, say, an overbearing image of their parent. But this is only a distorted image of one’s parent. It is not one’s actual parent. We are not practicing destructive voodoo or black magic here. This process is actually an old kabbalist form of holy white magic to clear out any negative, haunting imagery in our own psyche. (Put yourself in your parent’s place: would you like your son or daughter to be carrying around toxic, haunting, distorted images of you in their psyche? Wouldn’t you want your child to assertively dissolve any such terrible imagery of oneself in their psyche?)

5) Having dissolved the inner, subliminal negative imagery back into pure light, one can breathe in the energy released from the obliterated image. This is a crucially important culmination of the process, insuring that one’s energy—which has been fragmented, with one part split off from oneself as this separate-seeming haunting image— is “re-owned” and integrated or made whole with one’s overall energy field.

6) Now, go back and again run step #1’s “inventory of one’s energy,” checking to see if you still feel any unwellness or affliction anywhere in/around your bodily energy field. And, if so, run the process again, i.e., sensing exactly where and exactly how it feels, allowing yourself to see on a subliminal level of image or visual metaphor whatever might be causing the condition, and then dissolve this image with a form of Light, finally breathing in again any energy released.