Transforming Your Marketing Mindset From Pinball to Player

The rise of the Internet’s influence in our lives, has brought with it the rise of influencers that influence our journeys and destinations throughout the web.

I define influencers in a broader term than merely social media popular individuals, because ignoring the broader ecosystem ignores key pieces of the puzzle.

Influencers can be:

  • Social media superstars on sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more
  • “Real life” referral sources who liked working with you or your company
  • “Word of mouth” opinion like about movies and TV shows you “have to see”
  • Bloggers who write, podcasters who use audio, and vloggers who use video
  • Professional press writers and paid content contributors
  • Companies and platforms that influence larger followings
  • Anything else like ads, apps, images, videos, and reviews, produced by individuals or companies, designed to influence our opinion
  • Negative influencers like “fake news”, scammers and spammers

For example, Google is not an individual, rather a collective mindset of individual influences from the likes of Googlers, users, content generators, advertisers, and spammers, that create today’s algorithm results.

  • Google’s algorithm influences which search results we see at the top and thus trust more
  • Google’s algorithm itself is influenced by a network of backlinks with varying levels of influence, based on trust, PageRank, and authority
  • Google started with organic search results and ads, added local, added video, added social, adding shopping ads, added guaranteed local services ads, and more, all of which are influential pieces of Internet landscape positioned by how influential each piece of content is in motivating a click from users

Considering the ever-growing, vast complexity of the web, each week I’ll be dissecting a slice of it, making it palatable to the smart and savvy business owner, entrepreneur or marketer to put it to use.

On top of past successes and failures, I often have a number of active projects, new strategies, new tools, new ideas from my network, and more to use as real world examples to educate you, help you get to success faster, and avoid common pitfalls.

Some past and present projects and strategies I may write about in the coming weeks include:

  • How to Shoot Fish in a Barrel with your Online Marketing – using targeted marketing on social media to better speak to a hyper-niche market
  • Group chat influencer marketing on Facebook – leveraging the power of the right people at the right time
  • Swinging for the fences – how to target monster traffic keywords in Google
  • The other 50% of Google search traffic that most website owners aren’t targeting – using an example of marketing pizza using slices of keywords
  • Business “blitz” cards – offline marketing on a massive local scale
  • Interview with a Multi-Millionaire in less than 3 years from just 3 of the right influencers

This is just off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll think of and meet more people, companies, and examples, and hear your input, as to what’ll be the best to bring to you each week.

I’ll give you with one actionable idea for this week before my business meeting tomorrow morning to kick off hyper-niche video marketing:

  1. What’s your #1 target group so well defined you know exactly who they are?
  2. What would you show and say to them about your business in 10 seconds or less via video?
  3. What would your call to action be? Your marketing funnel? How would you build rapport so they know, like and trust you and choose to do business with you?

These are the questions I’ll be exploring with local service business owners this week as we create their videos and market them online.

Stay tuned next week to see their videos, strategies, and campaign results.

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