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Bryan Caron is an artist, designer and award-winning writer and filmmaker. With a Bachelor Degree in Creative Writing and an Associate Degree in Computer Graphic Design, Bryan pooled all of his talents together to form Phoenix Moirai, a one-stop shop for all creative mediums, including print and web design, illustration, content writing, editing, video and motion graphics. Bryan has also published five novels, written a few short stories (which can be found on his blog, chaosbreedschaos.com, where he also reviews movies and books) and has written, directed, edited and produced several short and feature length films. You can connect with Bryan on Twitter @BryanCaronBooks, Instagram @AuthorBryanCaron, Facebook @AuthorBryanCaron and YouTube: Phoenix Moirai.

Last but not least – Bryan has been chosen to be part of the C-VINE Dream Team.  Bryan still has his own thriving business, but he also donates his time on our advisory board. Only the best of the best can be considered.  This means that Bryan is the main Creative Director in putting together all the graphics of the C-VINE News Network, Individual Stations, Niched Channels, Books, Magazines, Audio and Video.  We think he is a pretty talented guy!